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Nordic Walking

It is easy to start and minimal investment is required.
You will learn about the effectiveness of nordic walking from the experienced trainer, and will notice your own success quickly with regular training. Nordic walking is fun, communicative and healthy like almost no other type of sport.

It is being more and more recognised that nordic walking has significant benefits and is a fun activity, when you have the proper equipment and use the correct techniques. Training goals will be achieved and the dream of an improved figure, as well as improved physical fitness, will become reality. Only then can you achieve personal happiness and satisfaction - only then, (and we know this from years of experience!) will the enthusiasm remain.

The Nordic Walking Park in the Dreisamtal

The park consists of three routes of various distances and difficulty levels.
  • The blue route is the easiest.
    Distance: 4,7 km, 122m altitude difference
  • The red route is the medium difficulty route.
    Distance: 6,2 km, 181m altitude difference
  • The black route is the difficult route.
    Distance 13,1 km, 297m altitude difference


These eye-catching signs can be found along the routes. You will find a heart rate board at the locations marked with a heart on the map. You can test your personal fitness level here. Therefore, we recommend wearing a heart rate monitor.

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