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The Dreisamtal in 360° .....

Experience the Dreisamtal in 360° - the most beautiful panorama pictures from your holiday location!

System requirements

The static panorama pictures can be viewed with all Internet programmes - simply click on the relevant link....

The interactive panorama pictures use the Apple Quicktime VR format. To view the interactive panorama you need Quicktime-Plugin 5.0 or higher. If you cannot see the panorama correctly, please download the current plugin free of charge from the Apple-Quicktime page.

Please be patient, the interactive panorama pictures are of high quality with a longer loading time, but it is worth it!
DREISAMTAL TOURIST INFORMATION ::: HAUPTSTRAßE 24 ::: 79199 KIRCHZARTEN ::: GERMANY ::: Tel.: +49(0)7661 / 90 79 80 ::: Fax: +49(0)7661 / 90 79 89 :::
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